BMW Transmissions

The transmission has one of the foremost important jobs in your BMW. It distributes power created by the engine to the wheels to get you moving. It does this while regulating engine speed to help improve fuel economy. If you think you’re having transmission trouble, don’t wait to have the issue checked out as this will only make the problem worse. This often results in more costly repairs. Here are 5 common signs of transmission trouble you should keep and eye out for in your BMW:

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Pops Out of Gear

If your BMW automatic transmission shifts between gears when it’s not necessary or your manual transmission slips into neutral unexpectedly, you need to visit Eagle Transmission to have the problem diagnosed and repaired.

Burning Clutch Smell

In a manual transmission there will be times when your car won’t have a specific transmission problem, but instead will have a clutch issue. Clutches sometimes need adjustment or repairs over time, and thankfully, this is generally much cheaper than internal transmission repairs. If you smell something like burning paper, especially if your car has a high mileage or if you often drive in heavy traffic, you need to have it brought to Eagle Transmission as soon as possible.

Slow Response

If your automatic transmission doesn’t shift between gears immediately, but pauses and causes the engine to rev, then you likely have low transmission fluid levels. Watch your rpm gauge as the vehicle shifts between gears or when first putting the automobile in drive to see if they spike.

Grinding Noises While Shifting

A grinding noise as you shift could be a certain sign of a transmission problem. This can happen due to low fluid, worn parts, or a number of other reasons. Contact your local Eagle Transmission to have the issue identified before your car is unable to go into gear at all.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is a reddish color, so if you find a puddle of reddish fluid in your driveway or anywhere your car has been parked for a while, you’re likely looking at an upcoming transmission failure. If the transmission gets too low on fluid, or if the fluid is burnt or contaminated, your transmission won’t be able to function properly at all.

If you experience any of these transmission problems, don’t continue to drive your vehicle if you can avoid it. Have it brought to Eagle Transmission so one of our highly qualified technicians can diagnose and repair the problem before it gets worse. For professional BMW transmission repair, Eagle Transmission is The One to Trust.

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