Dodge Transmissions

Common Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Problems

  • Lack of Response: your transmission is designed to shift from one gear to the next smoothly and without delay. If you notice that your transmission is sluggish to change gears or is not shifting at all, this is a sign of transmission problems and you’ll need to have it diagnosed by a qualified transmission technician.
  • Leaking Fluid: if you notice a red fluid under your vehicle after parking for a while, you most likely have a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid is vital for the health of your car and fluid leaks are not to be taken lightly. If you suspect you might have a leak, bring your vehicle to Eagle Transmission as quickly as possible.
  • Low Fluid: as stated above, low fluid is dangerous for your transmission. Low fluid levels can lead to overheating and further damage.
  • Burning Smell: a burning smell can indicate anything from a fluid leak to an electrical problem. To be sure that your vehicle won’t be damaged further, visit Eagle Transmission for a free initial diagnostic to determine the cause of your transmission malfunction.
  • Grinding or Shaking: your transmission should run smoothly without any jarring grinding noises or shaking. These alarming symptoms can indicate serious transmission issues and should be looked at as soon as possible.
  • Whining, Clunking or Humming: if you hear whining, clunking, or humming noises under your car, you may have transmission problems. It could be a minor malfunction, but it could also be a sign of something worse. It could be your fluid breaking down or a problem with internal components. 
  • Gears Slipping: if your vehicle is slipping out of gear, you have a serious safety problem on your hands. Your vehicle’s computer is responsible for telling the transmission when to shift between gears as well as when to send power to the wheels. If your gears are slipping, you may have as issue with the computer. Only a thorough diagnostic test performed by a qualified transmission specialist can tell you exactly what’s going on internally in your vehicle.
  • Trouble Codes / Check Engine Light: your check engine light is there to alert you to issues within your car. It could be warning you of anything from a loose gas cap to transmission problems. The only way to really know for sure is to have a qualified Eagle Transmission technician 

Can I drive my Dodge if it has a transmission problem?

It’s never a good idea to drive any vehicle that might have transmission problems. Even if you can manage to get around and might be thinking that you can drive it until you can get it fixed. This is a bad idea as there are a lot of pretty expensive moving parts within your transmission and if something is malfunctioning, continuing to drive your vehicle could lead to more damage.

How often will I need to replace my Dodge Ram 1500 transmission?

Like with all transmissions in any vehicle, the lifespan largely depends on how well the transmission, and the car overall, has been maintained. A well cared for car will last you a lot longer than one that hasn’t been in to a shop for regular routine maintenance. It also depends on what you’re using your vehicle for. A car or truck that’s simply a daily commuter will more than likely last longer than one that is used for heavy towing or other hard driving.

How do I know what kind of problem my transmission is having and what caused it?

Sometimes transmission problems are really obvious, like when there are harsh or loud noises. Other times, the start of transmission issues is more subtle like your check engine light coming on. To know for sure what kind of condition your transmission is in, what the exact cause of it is, and how to repair it, you’ll need to have a diagnostic test performed on your vehicle. Eagle Transmission offers free initial diagnostics, which includes a test drive and connecting your vehicle to our state-of-the-art computer systems to scan your vehicle’s computer for any diagnostic trouble codes. Once we know what kind of codes we’re dealing with, we can provide a detailed summary of all that needs repair, what most likely caused the issue, and what it will cost to repair it.

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