brakesMost Common Signs of Brake Repair are:

1. Worn Pads – Most cars use disc brakes. A hydraulic system filled with brake fluid triggers padded clamps know as calipers to squeeze together on a disc. This disc is called the rotor. Overtime the friction that occurs between the rotor and pads begin to wear thin. Your pads should be at least one-quarter of an inch thick. It is a good idea to get them changed if they are thinner than that. The rotor should be relatively smooth. If it has deep pits or grooves, it might also need to be replaced.
2. Strange Sounds –Brakes pads come equipped with a wear indicator. The indicator will squeal when your pads need replacing.
3. Pulling to the Side – Could be a stuck caliper. This would cause friction on one wheel and not the others causing your car to pull to the side where the caliper is stuck.
4. Vibrations – Generally, a vibrating brake pedal indicates warped rotors. You will be able to feel their uneven surfaces thrum against the brake pads resulting in you feeling the feedback through the brake pedal.
5. Temperamental Pedal –A mushy pedal is a pedal that you have to floor board it before it engages the brakes. This could indicate that the pads are worn or a problem with the hydraulic system. Or the opposite of the mushy pedal….a pedal that causes the brakes to grab at the slightest touch. This could indicate an unevenly worn rotor.
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