transmission coolerTransmission Cooler

Your cooling system is very important to the health of your vehicle. Overheated fluids within your vehicle can cause a lot of problems. In fact, 90{681bee52b9f9a60899ec8e898fbe0ab4d2a4aa094e7ff55b0b4057326f7f7f96} of all automatic transmission malfunctions stem from overheating. While broken or worn-out parts, low fluid levels, hot climates, heavy towing, and traffic can all contribute to overheating, as your vehicle has to work harder under these conditions. Too much heat in your engine can cause some serious issues as well.

What can I do to prevent overheating?

If you notice that your vehicle is overheating often, installing a cooler is a good option. Transmission coolers are thin, square-shaped component that are attached to the front of the radiator or the a/c condenser. Their job is to keep your transmission fluid cool, extending the life of your transmission and preventing potential damages or malfunctions. Hot transmission fluid travels from the transmission to the radiator and then to the cooler. The cooler uses air to low the temperature of the fluid and finally sends the cooled fluid back to the transmission, and on this goes in a continuous loop. The cooler doesn’t just cool transmission fluid, however; it also helps cool your engine and power steering fluid.

Additionally, you should have your vehicle maintained regularly to ensure that all seals and components are in good working order and that your fluids are at safe levels and in good condition. Our technicians here at Eagle Transmission are the experts in transmission service and repair. We offer free initial diagnostics so you can feel confident that your vehicle is getting the care it needs.

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