Many times people will call our shop with only one question:

“how much will you charge to fix my transmission?”

“Well shop XYZ told me they’d fix it for $1200”

is usually what comes next. What we want to impress upon customers is this: it is nearly impossible for anyone to diagnose a transmission over the phone and even harder to guess what its going to cost to fix it. Take a look at some of our blogs and see just how many parts are in these transmissions and that should give you some idea of why its impossible to give a price without seeing the vehicle, scanning it, driving it, checking the fluid and ultimately tearing it down and thoroughly cleaning it in our parts cleaner and inspecting it. If a shop tells you they are going to fix your transmission for $1000 bucks they are just doing a repair on it most likely and not a full rebuild.

What we do is scan the vehicle for any related codes, road test the vehicle, pull the pan and inspect the fluid and then with the customer’s approval we tear down the transmission completely. We put the parts in our parts cleaner, and chemically clean them all to like new condition and inspect them, order the parts that need replacing and/or updating then reassemble and reinstall. We then flush the transmission cooling system with our new Hot Flush (TM) transmission cooler flush, which sends extremely hot transmission fluid pulsing back and forth through the cooling system removing all of the metal shavings and contaminants in the system to insure that the investment in your transmission will last as long as possible. Once the cooling system is flushed a new torque converter is installed with your freshly rebuilt transmission along with new fluid.

Call Eagle Transmission of Rowlett for a free diagnostics test.

When we quote you a price once we have inspected your vehicle thoroughly, we are quoting a price for a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. This is not just some band-aid that will not last you. If you are unable to afford the repairs, you can inquire about our financing options either with a tote a note company or our in house financing options and also about the possibility of getting a shorter warranty on your repair.

Please do not fall for the cheapest price is best scheme, get it done right once. We take pictures of all the transmissions after they are torn down and can email them to you so you know what is wrong and what you are getting. We charge nothing to scan, drive and check the fluid in your vehicle.

There are plenty of reputable transmission shops around so do a little research before you make your decision and find an honest shop that will fix your transmission right, price isn’t everything!

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