A vital component of your fuel delivery system, fuel injectors send just the right amount of gas to your engine at just the right time to keep it in motion. When they fail, it can cause a series of problems including poor performance, poor fuel economy and roughness. To keep your vehicle running at its best, you might find it necessary to replace some fuel injector parts. The good news is you can find the parts you need when you shop with us.

The fuel injector is a valve that operates when it receives a signal from your vehicle’s engine control unit, or ECU. There’s one injector per cylinder, and pulses from the ECU spray a mist of gasoline from the injectors into the combustion chambers, effectively keeping it powered as you drive along. Like most engine components, they’re susceptible to common issues, such as clogging, leaking and sticking.

Clogged fuel injectors often occur in vehicles that sit idle for an extended period of time and are not delivering fuel to the engine. A leaky part results in diminished gas mileage as well as a noticeable fuel scent when you drive. In some cases, they stick open or closed. If it’s stuck open, it leaks; if it’s stuck closed, it cannot deliver fuel. When this happens, you’ll need one or more new fuel injectors for your vehicle.

Fortunately, replacing this necessary component is something you can easily do at home with the right tools. They’re positioned at the top of your engine and are usually easily accessible.