Having Transfer Case Issues?

The transfer case in your four-wheel-drive vehicle is responsible for dividing power from your transmission to all four wheels. They give our off-road vehicles more traction and torque.

How do I know if my transfer case is having issues?

  1. Difficulty shifting gears: Transmission fluid is vital for the health of your transfer case and the seals throughout your transmission system are crucial in keeping all of the fluid (and fluid pressure) where it should be. If a seal breaks, fluid can begin to leak out and you can lose fluid pressure as well, which can lead to issues like difficulty shifting gears. If you notice that your vehicle isn’t shifting the way it should, contact Eagle Transmission of Rowlett for our free comprehensive initial diagnostic test.
  2. Grinding noises coming from underneath the vehicle: When parts break or wear out, you may notice strange noises such as metal grinding. Most car owners know that this is not a good sign. If you start to hear abnormal sounds coming from your vehicle, it’s time to come in to Eagle Transmission for a check up.
  3. Vehicle jumps in and out of four-wheel drive: When fluid is low in your transmission, your vehicle can jump in and out of four-wheel-drive when it should simply stay put. You may also notice a red fluid (your transmission fluid) under your vehicle. This is a sign that your transmission needs attention immediately. Remember, driving a vehicle with a transmission problem is not only dangerous, but can cause more significant and costly damage. Eagle Transmission offers free towing with major repairs and always free initial diagnostics.

At Eagle Transmission, our qualified technicians will diagnose the problem and offer the best solution. Our technicians will also help you maintain your transfer case with a service plan that will keep your AWD or 4WD vehicle running at peak performance. Whether your vehicle is a daily driver or an off-road toy, we are here to make sure your vehicle performs when you need it to.

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