Vehicle Diagnostics

We take time to take care of the health of our bodies by getting regular check ups from our doctor, having our teeth cleaned at the dentist, and our vision checked by an optometrist. We take our animals to the vet and the groomer. The same care should be given to our cars. We rely on our vehicles to get us home, to work, to the grocery store, and all of the other places that we need to be. In order to keep our vehicles running safely and smoothly, it’s important that we have them maintained and cared for on a regular basis. Part of this maintenance includes diagnostics.

What is a diagnostic test and how is it done?

A diagnostic test involves connecting your vehicle to our state-of-the-art computer system and scanning for any trouble codes or problems reported by your vehicle’s computer. Diagnostic tests can reveal a wide range of potential problems within your vehicle’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, or other major components, helping you stay on top of your car’s condition so you can fix problems before they start, keeping your car running smoothly and safely.

Why should Eagle Transmission diagnose your vehicle?

A proper vehicle diagnosis is the first step in  car repairs. Anyone can take a car around the block and try to convince you that a major repair is needed. The proper diagnostic procedure is much more complicated and involved. Our comprehensive diagnostics include connecting your vehicle to our state-of-the-art computer systems and checking for any trouble codes. We will also conduct a test drive to assess the health of your vehicle. Ignoring trouble signs such as abnormal noises or dash lights can lead to potentially expensive or dangerous damages down the road.

Prompt repair can save you time and money and can give you the peace of mind that comes with a vehicle in good condition.

At Eagle Transmission, we strive to provide our customers with the repairs they need at a reasonable price. We offer a FREE in-depth computer diagnostic service that will pinpoint the problem in most cases. The most expensive transmission repair or rebuild is the one you didn’t need. The least expensive repair to your vehicle is the one that stays fixed.

Call or visit Eagle Transmission today for a free diagnostic evaluation!

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